Seminars and Lectures

Seminars/Conferences/Symposia/Professional Meetings would be embarked upon for the sole purpose of interaction between/among industrial and academic professionals for (1) exchange of ideas, possibilities of collaboration, grant seeking and the application of academic findings in the industrial setting; (2) to have robust discussions about the way forward in their fields and disciplines, and; (3) to enlighten students and upstarts on how to make in career choices and how to make their fields and discipline more lucrative.

Public lectures and enlightenment campaigns would also be conducted for (1) the public, particularly in sections of the population needing specific useful information, for instance, in cases of disease outbreaks; (2) research participants, groups or communities where researchers are keen to provide research feedbacks which can be of huge benefits to those communities, and; (3) secondary schools that want their students to learn salient issues in specific fields and discipline, especially in science, writing, finances and ICT.

We are equal to the task on all these as we have modern facilities and venues for seminar and lectures.